Monday, September 28, 2009

179th Annual General Conference

179th Annual General Conference

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Purposes of General Conference
1-To transact Church Business
2-to Receive reports and Church Statistics and commend true Merit
3-To Approve or Disapprove of Names Proposed
4-To Proclaim the Gospel to the World
5-To Proclaim the Gospel to the World
6-To Bring About a Spiritual Revival and
    Personal Rededication.

How To Gain the Most from General Conference
1-Make Personal Spiritual Preparation
2-Listen Carefully to the Speakers and the Spirit
3-Diligently Study the Conference Issue of the Ensign
4-Hearken to the Words of the Prophets

General Conference is the Lord's Conference
A Conference wherein he instructs his people, as he himself stated at one such conference, "by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, It is the same" (D & C 1:38)

A Conference at which the revealed will of the Lord is made manifest "by the voice of the conference"
( D& C 73:2; see also 72:7)

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