Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nottingham Country New Beginnings

New Beginnings was WONDERFUL.
Sister Poulton found Jenni Phillip's website and we based our program from her script and music "Strong and Courageous".

We loved all the music and incorporated it with several musical numbers. Three duets from our Young Women, a song that all the leaders sang to the girls (we could barely get through it) the lyrics are so poignant.  Sister Anderson coordinated the music and worked with individual groups to learn their songs.

Erin, Sarah and Brooke (our Laurels)all talked about how reading the scriptures has increased their faith and shared their favorite examples in the scriptures.We were all enlightened by their  thoughts and testimonies.

Sister Poulton welcomed our two new Beehives, Avery and Chloe.  Kaitlin, our Beehive President spotlighted each of the girls with the Beehive's Top 10.  That was so fun.

We want to let all of the Young Women know how much we appreciated their participation.  Everyone was involved in some way or another.

Unfortunately there are not too many pictures. Here are just a few I was able to capture:

Sarah and her Dad AND Bishop

                      Leanne and her Dad                  
Avery and her Mom                                       
             Morgan and her Mom
Bishop Harlan gave some closing remarks.  Thanks Bishop It is always so nice to have him there.
The Mia Maids were assigned refreshments and chose cupcakes, of course.
Kayli (our Mia Maid President)made 3 types of cupcakes and all from scratch. She brought raspberry, lemon and peanut butter (of which happens to be her VERY OWN recipe)!

raspberry cupcakes

 lemon cupcakes

 peanut butter cupcakes
The Mia Maids all helped frost the cupcakes and wanted to add little flags to say "Be Strong and Courageous"
 I found a template HERE and the girls put  the flags together lickety split.
Sister Turner made a delicious punch and everyone LOVED Kayli's cupcakes!
All the Young Women got a favor bag with the CD of the songs from the program, the new Personal Project Book and a bookmark.
  ALWAYS Remember to........
 Live Like You BELIEVE

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