Monday, June 20, 2011

Calendar at a Glance

This calendar is listed in the right column of the blog and will be updated periodically.
NC Young Women
Calendar at a Glance
Wed.  22-YW Board Meeting 7 pm
Sat.     25- Stake Youth Choir 7pm
Sun.    26-Lesson #23(Ward Conference)
Wed.   29-L-Journal Making
                  M-Family History, Inspirational Activity
                  B-Clean nursery toys
Thurs 30-RS Temple Night 6:30 @ church
Sun.     3-Lesson #24 (Combined –Sis. Brinkerhoff)
            Mon.   4-Independence Day
Wed.   6-L-Responsibility and Goal Setting
                M-Online PP
                B-Story time and agency skits
Sun.    10- Lesson #25 Ward Council 7am (YW Spiritual Thought)
             YW Sing in Sacrament Meeting 
Wed.   13-Combined -MM
Sat.      16-4 Stake Dance @ Cypress SC 7:30-10:30pm
Sun.     17-BYC 8am (Beehives Spiritual Thought)
                   Lesson #26     
                   Bishop's Fireside 7 pm
Wed.   20-L-Alma the Younger
                  M&B-Obedience Game Night
                 *No YW Board Meeting
Sat.      23-Ward Pioneer Breakfast 
Sun.     24-Ward Council 7am
                   Lesson #27
Wed.    27- Joint –Teachers or Priests
Sun.     31- Lesson #28
Tues.     2-BABY (Colton) Graham
Wed.     3-L-Meet at Church
                  M-Meet at Church
                  B- Either Meet at Church or Virtue Craft
Sat.       6- 5Stake Dance @ Katy SC 7:30-10:30pm
Sun.      7-Lesson #29 (Combined- Sis. Miner & Family)
Wed.   10- Combined-Beehives(Human Battleship)
Sat/Sun 13-14 Stake Conference  
Wed.    17- Combined -Back to School Movie Night
                   *No YW Board Meeting
Sun.     21-BYC 8am
                   Lesson #30
                  Bishop's Fireside (?)
Mon.   22-1st day of school
Tues.    23- Pres. Mtg 1pm Brinkerhoff Home
Wed.    24-Joint Laurels (Humanitarian Project/School Supplies)
Sun.     28-Lesson #31 & #32
                   Stake Pres Fireside 7pm @ SC
Wed.   31-L -Heart Attack Priest and Bishopric
                  M-Meet at church 7:00
                  B-Cookies to church leaders
Sun.     4- Combined - Guest Speaker (General Conf. Talk)
Mon.    5-Labor Day
Wed.    7-L-The Silver Hanger-Temple Dresses
Sun.    11-Lesson #33
Wed.   14-Combined - Standards Night
Sat.      17- 4 Stk Dance @ North SC 7:30-10:30pm
Sun.    18-BYC 8am (Laurels Spiritual Thought)
                  Lesson #34
                 Bishop's Fireside 7pm
Wed.   21-L-Candybar Dates/Lists
                YW Board Mtg. 8:30-10:30pm
Sun.    25-Lesson#35
Wed.  28-Joint-MiaMaids

Important Dates Upcoming
1-2 General Conference
   8- Stk  YW Volleyball 9am-1pm
 12-Youth Temple Session
 27-Stk YW Auxillary Training SC 7-8:30 pm
   9-Stake YW Eve of Excellence @SC 7-830pm


  2-Kaitlyn B.
 25- Sierra G.
 26-Kayli G.

3-Sis. Perich
12-Eileen Dowd

20-Ashley S.
 22-Sis Sprueill
 25-Shayla D.

02-Cassidy W.
03-Sis. Brinkerhoff
22- Taylor V.
 25-Shayla D.


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