Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Pool Party!!

We had a great time at our annual summer pool party. The girl's seem to have a great time as well. Here they are trying to conquer Dolly the Whale. No such luck. Wait a minute -- who is that??? Yes, it is Kayli. Hello, Kayli. It's a beautiful picture!
Leaders and all had a great time.
Double take -- How cute that Sarah and Heidi have the same suit, way to go!
Kayli has been a good sport but now it is time to rest, check messages, and listen to some tunes.
Hi cutie Sarah! Just relaxing in a tube.
Nicole has finally conquered Dolly. Hurrah!!
Sisters enjoying the cool (ha, ha) bath tub water.
Thanks girls for making a relaxing fun activity. You may come back anytime.

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